End User Licence Agreement and Terms of Service Summary

Last Updated: 13 November 2019

This document provides a readable summary of our licence agreement and terms of service. It is backed by our policy framework, including our privacy and cookies policy. This document will be updated as the site and services it provides access to are changed.

By registering an account, using the site and ultimately joining the program you agree to the End-User Licence Agreement and associated policies referred to above. If you break the rules outlined below and in the detailed policies referred to above, we may suspend your access to the service and in severe cases refer information to the relevant legal authorities.

Who can use our Services

To make use of this service as a participant:

  • You must identify as female;
  • You must be at least 13 years of age as of 2 December 2019;
  • You must be enrolled in 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade at a public or private school (or the homeschool equivalent);
  • You must live in a US State or Territory;
  • You must agree to receive essential program communication via our selected provider Campaign Monitor.

To make use of this service as a teacher, parent, or other adult club advisor:

  • You must at least 18 years of age or older as 2 December 2019;
  • You must live in a US State or Territory;
  • You must agree to receive essential program communication via our selected provider Campaign Monitor.

When you register you are required to give accurate information about yourself for purposes of safeguarding and to validate your eligibility for scholarships, software grants or other opportunities offered by the program.

As part of the program you will be provided with access to software and training content. You agree that this material will be used solely by you, the registered user and not shared with other parties.


By registering an account and agreeing to the End-User Licence Agreement we will provide you with access to our online service which contains training material, challenges and games. The program consists of several stages and, based on your performance compared to other users, you may be invited to participate in more or fewer of these stages.

Post registration and using your account to access the service and materials, you will be provided with material and tools that, applied un-ethically or without consideration, could result in violation of (amongst others) the Computer Misuse Act 1990 of the United Kingdom or the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of the United States. By using our services you agree that you will not use any of the information provided, tools or techniques against other individuals or organisations without consent to do so.

By using our services you agree that you will comply with our Policies and Terms & Conditions and that failure to do so could result in termination of your access, or sharing of your information with the relevant legal authorities. Examples of abuse include launching a denial of service or purposeful attempts to disrupt the service.

Our online services and any face-to-face activities as a part of the program to which you may be invited include training material, challenges and games. By registering an account and providing accurate account details you will be given access to this material free of charge. You may use the platform to learn more about cyber security and develop your skills. You are not permitted to copy any of the material outside of our services to share with others, for profit or otherwise. Doing so will result in termination of your rights to participate in the program, access our services and may result in sharing of your information and the incident with legal authorities.

As a club leader, guiding others through the service, you are permitted to use the material and services in extracurricular clubs, the classroom or home schooling. You may use the service and material for the sole purpose of education of students in cyber security. You agree not to sell the services, material or works directly derived from them.

In order to participate in and be eligible for the program, you must agree to receive essential program communication via our selected provider Campaign Monitor. If you opt out of these emails or unsubscribe from them, you will not receive essentials program communication and will become ineligible to participate.

By registering for the program you may be assigned sub licenses to a selection of the CyberStart products. These products are bound by this agreement too. The license you are issued is for the purposes of the program and bound by the timeframes, eligibility criteria and scholarship or award criteria. Your license may be revoked for failure to comply with these terms, or otherwise at the end of your interaction with the program. CyberStart products operate under a commercial license, for which you may be awarded access as a prize based on your performance, and your right to access and use material, the platforms or any other expressions based on the product end with your license termination.

Acceptable Use

As part of this program, subject to eligibility criteria and your performance, you may be granted a temporary licence to CyberStart products. The CyberStart products (such as CyberStart Assess, CyberStart Game, CyberStart Essentials etc) provide educational material and security related puzzles or challenges. As part of these challenges you may be required to apply unusual tools or use patterns to services to uncover logic flaws or issues. With your licence you are provided permission to undertake the activities covered in each of the ‘briefings’ against the defined targets. As covered in the product specific licences and user guides it is not acceptable to attempt denial of service attacks, or to purposefully attempt to cause damage to the infrastructure or data. It is also deemed a violation of acceptable use to identify flaws and to purposefully attempt to damage or disrupt other platform users, or their data.

Uncovering security flaws and learning about cyber security vulnerabilities will require use of certain tools that can only be used in a context where permission has been given by the target party, as is provided here. In severe circumstances where error cannot be blamed, violation of these terms could result in rejection from the program, or prosecution. If you are unsure of the activity you are undertaking at any time please contact support@girlsgocyberstart.org.

Prizes and Scholarships

This program and the associated tools, services and sites used within it are designed to identify your potential for the cyber security profession. Based on your eligibility and performance in the aforementioned tools and challenges you may be awarded a scholarship, or a prize.

The program administrative staff use a number of criteria to identify winners and their announced rankings and awards are final. If you have any queries regarding the awards or your eligibility please contact support@girlsgocyberstart.org.

The program reserves the right to withdraw a prize or opportunity at any time. The award of prizes, scholarships or other opportunities are contingent on adherence to the program terms of service, and ethical and legal conduct.

How your data will be used

An outline of what data we will collect and how we will use it is included in our privacy policy. The data will be held by SANS Institute and Helical Levity Ltd for the purposes of running the competition, training and talent identification outlined by the program site. To administer the prizes and scholarship opportunities your data will be selectively shared with named parties, and should other opportunities arise we will contact you to ask your permission to share your data. Your information will be passed to Campaign Monitor in order to provide you with essential messaging in relation to running of the program as per the terms of our Privacy Notice.

Contact information

If you have any questions about this Agreement or any associated policy, please contact support@girlsgocyberstart.org.

Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 14 February 2019

Who is holding my data?

Your information is being collected by Girls Go CyberStart to help run and deliver information security talent assessment and training programs. The program is delivered by Escal Institute of Advanced Technologies (SANS Institute) and Helical Levity Ltd. These parties respectively act as a processor and controller of your data, which means storing your provided data, analysing it or deleting it.

This program and the prior mentioned parties will maintain information that you provide to us, and data collected during your interaction with the provided services. This is collected for the operational purposes of security and safeguarding, but primarily for the running of the talent identification, training and competitions outlined on the website.

Sometimes we use a company called Campaign Monitor to send you important information about the program. This is information that you need to participate in Girls Go CyberStart.

For the running of the competition, or for purposes of recognition, or further training & career opportunities very specific data on your performance and contact information may be passed to additional parties beyond those identified above. These parties are government organisations at the state or federal level. The information would be provided to government officials to allow them to recognise top performers and competition winners, which may in turn lead to them contacting you to invite you to a reception or for further related opportunities.

Additionally, winners of the scholarships will be provided with the process to receive their award from Scholarship America (www.scholarshipamerica.org). We will provide information on winners to enable them to validate the eligibility and entitlement of winners.

Other organisations, such as cyber security employers may offer prizes which you could be eligible for. In the event that these become available and applicable to you we will contact you to ask for your consent to provide your data for you to receive your prize or scholarship.

We will always ask for your permission before sending your information to any other organisation, or for any use case other than what is outlined above. We may send you information related to our programs and further suitable opportunities for you, which you may terminate at your discretion.


We get your information from your registration form, from your use of the website and materials, and from details of your progress in the program. For us to process your data we need to get your consent or permission to use your information on behalf of all those involved. We can't enrol you in the program and keep you up to date without your registration information, and we also need to monitor your progress.

Whether you choose to join or leave the program is entirely up to you. The only effect of asking us to delete your information would be that you are no longer able to be a member of the program. You are entitled to do this at any point in support of your right to be forgotten.

You must meet the program eligibility criteria in order to register, including the criteria that you are of an age which can consent to provide your data. For this reason we ask for your date of birth.

We've tried to make this notice easy to read, but you can always contact the Data Protection Officer via support@girlsgocyberstart.org who will help explain things further and will answer your questions.

So what data do you have about me?

We hold information which you provided on registration and information gathered as you progress through the program including:

Your name, email address, access credentials, subscription preferences, your IP address and cookie data, gender, school, date of birth, whether you have any disability that we can assist you with when accessing the program, your ethnic group, the date of enrolment onto the program, details of how you have progressed on the program, the scores that you have achieved via the challenges and exams, and how you are using the web sites that make up the Girls Go CyberStart program.

We use your information to monitor progress and help you progress through the program and to report on the success of the program. We use cookies to allow you to sign in to the program websites, improve the site and to safeguard young people who are participating in the program.

As outlined in the policy above, we will provide information to state and federal government departments in support of the program talent identification, competition and prizes. The information provided will predominantly be high level information, though if you are a prize winner your name, contact details and performance information may be shared.

We also collect data to monitor the site and make sure it stays safe for everyone to use. For example, we may check for misuse of the platform or try to detect if abusive language is being used. This is against the program code of conduct.

Leaving the program and removing your information

If you change your mind about allowing us to use your information you simply need to tell us by emailing support@girlsgocyberstart.org. We will then take you through a couple of quick steps to confirm you want to delete your information and leave the program.

We'll update you when this has been done or in exceptional circumstances if we can't do this.

Why do you need my information anyway?

We need it to run the program, training and competitions outlined on this site. SANS Institute, Helical Levity Ltd and associated state or federal bodies will need your data to run the competition, assess eligibility and to award prizes.

If you don't want us to hold your information you will no longer be able to participate in the program, and we will delete your records from the system.

What security measures are you taking?

As cyber security experts we are very aware of the risks around data security. We carry out regular security assessments to make sure your information is secure. We follow all the standard industry practises to make sure we hold your information as securely as possible.

How long will the information be held?

We keep your information for five years or until you ask us to delete it if this is sooner and you wish to leave the program. If the circumstances arise where we need to keep the data longer we will tell you and explain why.

What about my other rights?

You have a right to have a copy of the information which we hold on you or to transfer your information. You can make a request for a copy of your data through the support channel and any data that is available to transfer will be made clear to you as you use the platform. You can action this through the platform.

What if I want more information or I want to complain?

If at any time you want further information, or you need help understanding what you can and cannot request, or if you want to make a complaint, the Data Protection Officer can help you with this.

The Data Protection Office is Sharon Heys and she can be contacted via the support channel. Please email support@girlsgocyberstart.org and ask to be put in contact with the Data Protection Officer.

If you still aren't happy with our response you can complain to the Information Commissioners Office.

Cookies Policy

Last Updated: 1 November 2019

Girls Go CyberStart uses cookies as part of the delivery of the service. By using the service you agree to the use of Essential Cookies that are a requirement for the platform to operate.

Our Cookies Policy explains what cookies are, how we use cookies, how third-parties we may partner with might use cookies on the service, your choices regarding cookies and further information about cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of text sent to your web browser by a website you visit. A cookie file is stored in your web browser and allows the service or a third-party to recognise you, makes your next visit easier and renders the service more useful to you.

Cookies can be either 'persistent' or 'session' cookies. Persistent cookies may remain on your hard drive until you erase them or they expire. Session cookies are temporary cookie files, which are erased when you close your browser.

How Girls Go CyberStart uses cookies

When you register to use and access the service we will ask you to set your cookie preferences. In order to access Girls Go CyberStart there are some cookies that are Essential and you will need to agree to their use if you wish to access Girls Go CyberStart . We use these cookies to:

  • To enable certain functions of the service to operate
  • To provide analytics and store your preferences
  • Most crucially, cookies are used for authentication and to allow you access to the service and to prevent fraud of user accounts.

We use both session and persistent cookies on the service and we use different types of cookies to provide these Essential cookies. Essential cookies are delivered from 'girlsgocyberstart.org' and you will be able to identify them from this reference. Blocking these cookies will prevent you using our service.

You will be offered the option to manage your cookies and to opt into non-essential cookies if you wish to. Some of our non-essential cookies may be third-party cookies. These are cookies that belong to companies that Girls Go CyberStart works with, and allow the program to understand how we are delivering our services to you.

Non-essential cookies that we offer will allow us to monitor the program and make improvements to our site.

What are your options regarding cookies?

Cookies are managed through our cookie banner that will allow you to 'opt in' or 'opt out' of non-essential cookies. At present our non-essential cookies are limited to selected third parties that we work with to provide us with information about the use of our site and to help improve the program. Our non-essential cookies are used for conversion tracking for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

You do not have to agree to any non-essential cookies, and if you do not consent it will have no effect on your ability to use the program. If you previously opted in to non-essential cookies, and then later decide to opt-out of those non-essential cookies, you may need to manually remove those third-party cookies using your browser's cookie preferences and clearing settings; due to how third-party cookies work, we are not able to delete or remove these cookies for you from your browser after they have been previously set.

Essential cookies are however necessary to use the site and if you do not allow them you will have difficulty using the site and the program. You will not be able to open or verify your account and in effect you cannot use the program.

You can delete cookies or instruct your web browser to delete or refuse cookies to do this you should visit the help pages of your web browser. There are lots of tools and plug-ins available to manage or restrict cookie behaviour. As previously stated, if you choose to do this you may not be able to access the program.